The Dark Age of Los Angeles

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The Story So Far
A Brief Recap

After taking their own paths, each member of the party finds themselves at a “Support Group” that was being sponsored by a certain L.F

After a brief tussle with a few drones and a short stalky man, the party fled the scene of the crime, Max bolting on his own.

Leo Rose and Cindy all meet up at Cindy’s house together, while Max attempts to cover his tracks. Leo and the group attempt to meet Max at Leo’s bar, before it is formal however, thugs who have been shasking down the spot show up and muscle them down some more. Stopped suddenly by a mysterious stranger, who takes the strangers and run.

After meeting together, they all discover and meet with a certin man by the name of Lysander Fulgrowth, he tell them that they are in danger, and being hunted by a man named Rudolf, for reasons unknown. He wants to help, but needs to know if he can trust him, so he asks them to expel the evil spirit haunting a house in suburban LA. After angering the Victim Spirit inside, they flee, back to the post office in Topanga they were asked to deliver the item in question at.

After a brief stint with the security of Travis’s Library (involving max turning into a fluffy pink elephant), they eventually find their way and meet with Travis Sondoval. Who tells them the tale of Atlantis, of the 3 realms (Aether – Supernatal, Hisil – Shadow, and the material Realm or “The Lie”) and the beings that once inhabited it.

He is working with Lysander to prevent Rudolph from arising a great artifact that is promised to bring infinite power and control over all three material realms, and somehow, all 4 of them hold a different part of the key….

Travis gives them information about a book that he feels could be important to their cause and more importantly, to keep them alive. After some extensive research, they find the book to be located at the Huntington Gardens, where they stage a heist and steal the book during a charity event where the book was to be donated to a man named “Clyde Kinsey”. They have just fled the scene and are now labeled as Criminals and on the run…


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