Leo Von Kraus


Player – Chris De La Rosa
Name – Leo von Krause aka “Jacks”
Virtue/Vice – Justice/Wrath


Shaved head and rough around the edges with a gruff demeanor, he’s a Bouncer at a LA bar who uses his job to spot scum to be targets of his wrathful justice. He doesn’t consider himself above the law, and still lets the police do their job (when he feels they’re actually capable of it). If he ever loses his cool, he’s been known to beat a man till he’s done breathing. When he does, he validates it and moves on (cold bloodedmurders and serial rapists only deserve death) aside from the earlier example, he’s a fairly law abiding citizen, possibly because his step-father was a police officer and he was the only positive male role model he had growing up. Leo’s house tends to act more as his own private investigation office, in the heart of the slums, where he can see all the action.

He also owns a 1970 Pontiac GTO V8, which he calls “Slepnir”, which in norse mythology is the 8 legged horse of Odin.

Muscle Car Durbability 3 size 12 structure 15 acceleration 26 (35 mph/turn) top safe speed 110 (75 mph) tp[ s[eed 220 (150 mph) handling 3 fits 1+3 cost ••

Leo Von Kraus

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