Rose Ander


Player – Jessica Hessom
Name – Rose Ander
Virtue/Vice – Temperance/Lust


An artistic scholar who is a professor of archeology at USC. She usually ends up teaching all level classes and archeological subjects because of her thirst for and extensive knowledge of ancient artifacts. she spends most of her summers out in the field, playing tag-along consultant on archeological sites and exploring exotic locations. She’s an avid collector, and tends to focus mostly on taking back “souvenirs” from her various adventures. (limit 1 perdig , how she justifies what she does) Fit, but lazy, she finds little time for dating, and most men consider her a bit too wild to tame. She has several casual friends from the university but she is mainly an introvert and highly selfsufficient. Her high rise bellman-at-the-door condo is fi lled with her trophies and as such she doesn’t allow visitors. She is always picking up local boys on her adventures, but never really considered settling down. Using moderation as her methodology for life, she tries to find balance in life’s harmony, though life hasn’t been very moderate with her (at 16 her mother, father and little brother where killed in a car accident- she was not involved in the accident-she then lived with her stoic non comforting grandmother for two years till going off to college. Thistraumatic incident occurring on the cusp of her sexuality is why she withdraws from intimacy and why she is fiercely self sufficient). She lives in Santa Monica with her Egyptian cat Horus.

Rose Ander

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